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Zoomlion Truck Mounted 30 Ton Crane Ztc300, the One Lead You to Success

Zoomlion Truck Mounted 30 Ton Crane Ztc300, the One Lead You to Success

Product Characteristics

ZOOMLION ZLJ5322JQZ30V truck crane, which integrates our many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing mobile cranes with internationally advanced technology, is a new-generation and high-performance product developed to meet the market demands. Its performances such as lifting height, main boom length, working speed and lifting capacity, etc., have achieved advanced international level.

This product is a truck crane of full range slewing function and 4 telescopic boom sections and pilot-operated proportional controlled systems. The crane adopts self-manufactured 3-axle special purpose chassis with full-width cab (6×4 drive), providing wide vision and simple decoration. The engine complies with the National Stage III emission standard.

The latest directional control valve and quadruple gear pump system ensure that each executive mechanism makes full use of its working capability and the reliability and safety of systems are improved. The safety devices such as relief valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve fitted in hydraulic system prevent the accidents caused by oil line overload and oil pipe ruptures.

The safety devices such as load moment limiter, and the complete lighfting system fitted in the crane ensure your safety during operation and are convenient for night work.

This crane has a novel style which makes it beautiful in figure, in form and in color.


Product Model

Model in auto industry: ZLJ5322JQZ30V
Model in engineering industry: ZTC300
Code: ZTC300

Technical Data

Working performanceMax. rated lifting capacity kg30000
Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m1132
Max. load moment of Max. length main boom kN.m617.5
Max. lifting height of basic boom m11.1
Max. lifting height of main boom m40.5These parameters do not include deflection of boom and jib.
Max. lifting height of jib m48.5
Working speedsMax. hoist rope speed (Main winch) m/min120At 4th layer
Max. hoist rope speed (Auxiliary winch) m/min100At 2nd layer
Boom derricking up time s40
Boom telescoping out time s80
Slewing speed r/min0 - 2.2
DrivingMax. driving speed km/h78
Max. gradeability %37
Min. turning diameter m≤22
Min. ground clearance mm220
Oil consumption per hundred kilometer L35
WeightDeadweight in driving condition kg32000
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg31870
Front axle load kg7000
Rear axle load kg25000
DimensionOverall dimensions (L×W×H) mm12900×2500×3465
Longitudinal distance between outriggers m5.36
Transversal distance between outriggers mCompletely extended:6.10 mIntermediately extended:4.20 mFor completely extended outriggers:6.10 mintermediately extended outriggers:4.20 m
Tail slewing radius mm3385
Main boom length m10.6 - 40
Main boom angle °-2 - 80
Jib length m8
Offset °0, 30

Load Chart