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Zoomlion 800 Ton Crawler Crane Zcc9800 with a Super Lifting Performance, Widely Used in Energy Site, Hot Sale with Hundreds-units in a Single Year

Zoomlion 800 Ton Crawler Crane Zcc9800 with a Super Lifting Performance, Widely Used in Energy Site, Hot Sale with Hundreds-units in a Single Year

Product Characteristics

1)Working mechanisms

Hoisting winches 1 and 2
The hoisting winches 1 and 2 are composed of imported axial piston variable displacement motor, balance valve, reducer, normally closed brake as well as wire rope. And they are controllable independently.
If two hoisting ropes are reeved on one load hook, winch synchronization is used to synchronize the hoisting winch 1 and hoisting winch 2, thus keeping the load hook in horizontal position all the time.
The hoisting rope is a kind of rotation resistant wire rope imported from Germany.
Both hoisting winches 1 and 2 have two kinds of hoisting speed, which can improve the working efficiency dramatically.

WinchRope diameterRope lengthSingle rope forceRope speed on the outmost rope layer
Hoisting winch 128mm1100m16t130m/min
Hoisting winch 228mm1100m16t130m/min
Hoisting winch 328mm650m16t130m/min

Derricking winches
The derricking winches are composed of imported axial piston constant motor, balance valve, reducer and normally closed brake as well as wire rope.
Normally closed brake is adopted to make derricking winch work independently. The derricking winches have self-lock function. When control lever is returned to neutral position, the winding drum of derricking winch will be locked by the brake automatically.
The infinitely variable speed is available for raising and lowering the boom and/or jib. In addition, the boom and/or jib can also be derricked up and down at inching speed.
There are two kinds of working radius for suspended ballast. When the crane is working with a light load, the suspended ballast can be lifted off the ground via a special adjusting device, thus allowing the crane to slew and move freely.
The derricking rope is a kind of rotation resistant wire rope imported from Germany.

WinchRope diameterRope lengthSingle rope forceRope speed on the outmost rope layer
Main boom derricking winch28mm650m16t2×56m/min
Luffing jib derricking winch28mm850m16t110m/min
Superlift derricking winch28mm1100m16t130m/min

Slewing mechanism
The slewing mechanism of closed oil circuit, driven by two slewing gears, is composed of built-in axial piston constant motor, gear reducer, brake and pinion gear as well as slewing ring.
The slewing mechanism has controllable free swing function, which can reduce the impacts on the crane and ensure that the slewing movements can be initiated /stopped more stably.
Imported 3-row roller type, external-geared slewing ring and slewing reducer are of strong load-carrying capacity and high precision, which can ensure stable and accurate slewing movements.
Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 0.7r/min;
A mechanical locking device will be triggered to lock slewing mechanism during assembly, dismantling, and transportation of the crane.

Travel gear box
There are two hydraulic motors and two traveling reducers fitted in each traveling mechanism.
The hydraulic motors, traveling reducers and balance valves are all imported from Germany. Using control levers, the traveling movements can be controlled, such as traveling straight ahead/backwards, turning with a crawler, differential steering, turning on spot, and traveling with a load.
When the crane has traveled for 20m, its deviation is less than and equal to 25cm. Additionally, the crane has high maneuverability. There are three kinds of traveling speed for the crane: high speed, low speed and inching speed. Each speed can be infinitely adjusted to ensure stable traveling movements.
The track pads and track rollers are made of alloy steel, which meets the requirements in JB5318 standard.
Traveling speed:0.6/1.0 km/h
Gradeability: 30%
Through tension cylinder, which is controlled by individual pump, the tension degree of crawler can be adjusted quickly and conveniently.

A-frame erecting mechanism
A-frame erecting mechanism consists of A-frame, erection cylinder, auxiliary hydraulic system and so on. It is mainly used for the assembly, dismantling or conversion of the crane on the site. After the A-frame is erected over 90°, it can be used to connect anchoring rods, assemble boom sections as well as install crawler carriers and counterweight.

Operator’s cab movement-controlling mechanism
To reduce the transport width of the basic machine, the operator’s cab can be swiveled out of the side working position to the front of slewing table via swiveling cylinder, and then locked with positioning pins.
To broaden the field of vision of the crane operator, the cab can tilt backwards for 20° via the tilting cylinder when the load is lifted to a high position.

Crawler carrier self-assembly & dismantling mechanism
Crawler carrier self-assembly & dismantling mechanism consists of folding brackets, support cylinders, support cylinder control valves, crawler carrier bolting cylinders and so on. The support cylinders are the main load bearing components to raise the basic machine during self-assembly & dismantling of crawler carrier. The crawler carrier can be assembled and dismantled by the crane itself without the help of auxiliary crane. The crawler carrier, which is lifted by the mounting cylinder on A-frame, can be connected to undercarriage central section via bolting cylinders. This operation can also be achieved via wireless remote control. Therefore, not only the working efficiency is improved and the labor intensity is reduced, but also safe operation is guaranteed.

2)Crane systems
Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system is composed of main pump, control valve, hydraulic motor, hydraulic oil tank, oil cooler and so on.
International advanced pump-control technology is applied in the hydraulic system. Main hydraulic elements such as pump, motor and main control valve, imported from Germany, are energy-saving, reliable and long in service life.
Main hydraulic pump: variable displacement piston pump, driven by engine
The oil source of auxiliary mechanism is supplied by constant pressure pump and tandem gear pump.
Main control valve: pilot electro-hydraulic control valve
Main circuit is controlled by pump-control system and control levers.
Auxiliary mechanism is controlled by solenoid directional control valve block, which is fitted with an overflow valve.
The support cylinder is wireless remotely controlled.
Hydraulic oil tank : 940 L
Oil filter in hydraulic system: oil return line filter and fine filter for control oil line
Oil cooler for hydraulic system: an aluminium cooler and cooling fan driven by hydraulic motor

Electrical system
24V batteries, negative ground
The direct-current low-voltage electrical elements comply with the requirements in GB1497 standard, and the precision of instruments is not less than 1.5 grade.
The electrical system of the machine includes power, engine start, engine shutdown, indicator light, warning device, illumination device, fan, wiper, horn, hoisting limiter, hydraulic oil cooling fan, digital display system, PLC controller, load moment limiter, engine preheating device, safety devices etc. which not only ensure safe operation of the crane but also provide a good working environment. CAN bus control technology applied in the crane can connect the engine, PLC controller, load moment limiter and digital display efficiently, possessing fault detecting and self-diagnosis functions.

Crane engine
Imported Benz electronic fuel injection engine with CAN bus interface
Rated output power: 420kw, 1800r/min
Exhaust emissions: U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III
Fuel tank has a great capacity of 700 L, which can ensure long time working of the engine.

Digital display system
The 10.4-inch LCD screen, having Chinese and English versions, can show various data collected by PLC controller, such as engine speed, water temperature, fuel pressure, pressure of hydraulic pump, pressure of main motors, crane inclination and so on. In this way, it can monitor the working state of the crane at any time. When abnormal conditions occur, the system will send out yellow or red warning signal.

Remote monitoring system GPS/GPRS
Remote monitoring system GPS/GPRS is composed of vehicle computer system, vehicle communication/navigation system, GPS system, GPRS wireless data transmission system, network server system and remote monitoring center system and so on. The application of GPS/GPRS enables such functions to be available as global positioning, working condition monitoring, fault diagnosing, remote maintenance and warning, locking the vehicle and anti-theft.

Central lubricating system
The central lubricating system imported from Germany BAKE Company can not only make the maintenance convenient but also reduce the wear and tear of components.

3)Safety devices
Many safety devices, mechanical, electronic or hydraulic, are fitted on the crane to ensure safe operation of the crane.

Load moment limiter
The composite error of load moment limiter is less than 5%. When actual load reaches 90% of the maximum permissible load, the acoustic alarm will sound. When actual load is more than the maximum permissible load, all dangerous movements will be cut off automatically. However, in order to meet the requirements of load test, a bypass key switch is set in the cab to bypass the cut-off.

Overflow valves in hydraulic system
The overflow valves fitted in hydraulic system can restrain the pressure in the oil circuit from rising irregularly, thus protecting such hydraulic elements as hydraulic oil pump and hydraulic motor against damage and preventing the hydraulic system from being overloaded.

Hoisting limiter
Device to prevent any specified upper limitation of the load lifting attachment from being exceeded
If the load hook comes into contact with hoisting limit switch weight during its upward movement, the hoisting limit switch will be triggered, the buzzer will sound, the warning icon on the screen will flash, and the crane movement “spool up winch” will be switched off.

Angle indicator
It is fitted at the lower rear end of boom pivot section (i.e. on the right side of the operator’s cab). The operator can clearly see the boom angle in the cab.
Derricking (luffing) limiter
Device, controlled by load moment limiter and limit switch, to prevent derricking (luffing) motions of the main boom and/or luffing jib beyond specified limits
Crane inclinometer
An electronic inclinometer to indicate the “leveled position” of the crane in real time
Safety catch
Device to prevent the lifted load jumping out from the hook
An electronic device to indicate the actual wind speed to the crane operator

Lowering limiter
When there are only three windings of wire rope left on the drum, the lowering limit switch will be triggered, the buzzer will sound, the warning icon on the screen will flash, and the crane movement “reel off winch” will be switched off.
Tilting –back support cylinder
The national patented tilting-back support cylinder can prevent the boom from tilting backwards and make the movement “raise boom” more stably.

Emergency stop button
Allow the engine to shut down and all crane movements to be cut off quickly in a dangerous situation.
Tricolor warning light
The warning light, by showing red, yellow and green colors, can indicate loading status synchronously. The green color means the load ratio is less than 90%, the yellow color means the load ratio is between 90% and 100%, and the red color means that the load ratio has exceeded 100% and the crane is overloaded.
Monitoring system
Video camera: respectively monitor the working conditions of crane winches and rear side of the crane
Display: you can switch between the different screens via press-key.

Remote monitoring system GPS (optional)
Application of GPS enables such functions to be available as global positioning, GPRS data transmission, working condition monitoring and remote fault diagnosis.

4)Operator’s cab
All-steel cab, which is spacious and comfortable, can be tilted and swiveled. The floor is covered with rubber plates, which are non-flammable and non-skid, and can not conduct the electricity. The noise level in the cab is less than 85dB.
The cab is equipped with control devices, detecting instruments and closed-circuit monitoring system. The LCD screens are adjustable, and have two kinds of visual modes: daylight mode and night mode. All instruments, LCD screens, switches and control levers are outfitted with indicating icons, operating instructions and work limit conditions.
The cab is also fitted with adjustable seat, DVD player, cooling & heating device, interphone, alarms, fire extinguisher and other safety devices.
The wiper, tricolor warning light and working floodlights are installed outside the cab.

5)Load hook
Rotatable load hook with safety catches:
650t load hook: 24 pulleys, used for crane operation with main boom
400t load hook (optional): 15 pulleys, used for crane operation with main boom
300t load hook: 12 pulleys, used for crane operation with luffing jib
200t load hook (optional): 12 pulleys, used for crane operation with luffing jib
100t load hook: 4 pulleys, used for crane operation with fixed jib
50t load hook: 2 pulleys, used for crane operation with fixed jib
16t load hook: cylindrical load hook

Performance indicatorsUnitValue
Max.rated lifting capacityt650 (6m working radius)
Max.rated lifting capacity(with super-lift)t650 (12m working radius)
Max.rated lifting moment(with super-lift)t.m8800
Main boom lengthm24~90
Main boom length with super-liftm36~108
Length of lighten boomm72~114
Length of lighten boom with super-liftm90~138
Length of luffing jibm24~84
Length of luffing jib with super-liftm24~96
Length of fixed jibm18
Combination of longest boom(SWDB)m84+96
Longest boom+ wind power jib(SHSDB)m147+7
Main boom derricking angle°30~85
Luffing jib derricking angle°15~75
Max. speed of single rope of the main hoist (outermost layer)m/min130
Max. speed of single rope of the Aux hoist(outermost layer)m/min130
Max.speed of single rope of boom derricking(outermost layer)m/min56×2
Max.speed of single rope of luffing jib derricking(outermost layer)m/min110
Max.speed of single rope of super-lift derricking(outermost layer)m/min130
Swing speed (with load)rpm0~0.7
Travel speedkm/min0~0.6/0~1.0
Total crane weight(basic boom, 210t rear counterweight,60t carbody counterweight, and 650t hook))t510
Rated output power of engineKW/rpm420/1800
Rear counterwight of basic machinet190(210)
Super-lift counterweight(include tray)t300
Carbody counterwightt60
Max.transportation dimension of single part (L×W×H)mm13500×3400×2650
Max.transportation wight of single part(basic machine separatly)t65(44)