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3200 ton Crawler Crane

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The predecessor of Zoomlion was the former Shah Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction. With more than 50 years of technology accumulation, it is the birthplace of China's construction machinery technology. Inheriting the technical heritage and industry mission of national scientific research institutes, Zoomlion adheres to the technological innovation strategy of "high-end introduction, key breakthroughs, and comprehensive catch-up", and continuously overcomes the world's scientific research problems in the construction machinery industry through the high-end technological innovation system. World-class products continue to promote the technological progress of the industry, and have been recognized as the first batch of "National Innovative Enterprises" and "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other national ministries and commissions, and won the first country in my country's concrete machinery industry. Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2014, the technology of "Key Technology and Application of Super Large Tower Crane" was awarded the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award", which is the highest honor in the industry so far. The company is the secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization / Crane Technical Committee (ISO/TC96), and represents the country in the International Organization for Standardization ISO to perform international voting and domestic centralized responsibilities for mobile cranes and tower cranes. The company's R&D investment accounts for about 5% of its annual operating income, and about 300 new technologies and new products are produced annually, contributing more than 50% to the company's operating income. Relying on the company's strong scientific research strength, the emerging scientific and technological innovation achievements have created a number of records: the successful development of a 101-meter carbon fiber concrete boom pump truck, a 2000-ton all-terrain crane, a horizontal arm upper slewing self-elevating tower crane D5200-240, 3,200-ton crawler cranes and other world-famous products.





ZCC3200 3200Ton Crawler Crane is working at the nuclear site.

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